SXSW Film '10 — Beijing Taxi

Director Miao Wang has a filmmakers’ eye — of that there is no doubt.

In his film Beijing Taxi, Wang follows three taxi drivers as stand-ins for the larger story of the evolving socio-economic transformation currently being undertaken by the city of Beijing.

Wang masterfully captures the growing apprehension and resistance to the city’s growth as the city prepares for the 2008 Olympic Games. As historical neighborhoods are destroyed and more and more foreigners enter the city in preparation for the games, the film’s subjects —the trio of taxi drivers — provide a model insight into the city’s struggles to retain its identity while still enjoying the increased quality of life enjoyed by most.

The taxi drivers of Beijing Taxi all have their own personal struggles along side the cultural tug-of-war the city is undertaking. From one driver’s marital problems and her desire to move out of the taxi driving business and open up her own clothing boutique to another driver’s desire to move further up the hierarchy of public transportation and begin driving a bus, the subjects offer great perspective into the newfound concerns and issues facing Beijing residents today.

The film is not particularly entertaining, for those looking for a light excursion during SXSW. It’s also not particularly weighty. It is, however, a fascinating glimpse into the changing landscape of a country that, in a relatively short time, has found itself become one of the world’s premiere powerhouses.

Category: Documentary Competition

Director: Miao Wang

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